PGR Braintree: Getting to know you

What is the dream for PGR Braintree?

We want to be the number one merchant of choice in Braintree and the surrounding areas for both Trade and Retail, hopefully our massive landscaping holding can help make that happen. We have a new brochure just produced with some incredible prices!

What makes PGR Braintree stand out?

  1. We keep a wide range of timber in stock, holding up to 6m lengths and it’s all stored inside to keep it dry and reduce twisting.
  2. We offer an unmatched stock offering consisting of specialist products such as Plinth bricks, Millboard decking and HardiePlank including accessories.
  3. We operate two HGV’s that offer a quick turnaround on delivery, don’t be afraid to ask if we have space for the same day!
  4. A wealth of staff knowledge as we are from all different merchanting backgrounds and we always service with a smile… oh and not forgetting an ‘outside the box’ marketing campaign! [watch this space]

Meet The Team

Find out more about the team at PGR Braintree by clicking here.