The Loft Lifter

Our highly specialised Loft Lifters offer the complete loft conversion service.

About the Service

Since the late ’90s, we have supplied the loft conversion market with all the materials needed for loft converters and have built up the knowledge and stock profile to meet the demands of even the most difficult projects.

We have multiple 'Loft Lifter' vehicles within our fleet of lorries. These specialised vehicles enable us to supply everything you need in one package straight to roof-height scaffolding, due to the high reaching cranes. We can also crane your steel beams into position within the loft space, saving you both time and money.

The Loft Lifter Process

Step 1 - Get in Touch

Once you know your material list, you can give the office a call on the details provided or alternatively drop us an email with a cutting list and a preferred delivery date. Please indicate an address where possible and don’t forget we also offer a “full fabrication service on steels”.

Step 2 - Get a Quote

We now have your enquiry/order and we will get back to you to confirm everything is good to go ahead with the date you preferred. Also, please note that if you are providing the steels, then at least a 24-48 hour notice period is needed when placing the order.

Step 3 - Site Survey

When we have the full address we will survey the site via Google Street View and complete a short pre-delivery survey with yourself. If any problems arise then a trained member of the site survey team will go to site and assess any issues raised.

Step 4 - Delivery Day

When the Loft Team arrive and the loft lifter has been set up, the driver will complete the risk and method statement for your job. As health and safety is our paramount concern, this needs to be completed to keep everyone on the job safe at all times. We aim to complete the whole lift procedure (including setup), between 2-3 hours, this includes our skilled operative placing the beams in the roof if required.

Step 5 - Follow Up

You will receive a call from one of our loft team to make sure that everything went well, as we strive to ensure all our customers have a good experience.

Loft Department Contact Details

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