Amalfi Porcelain Paving 900x600x20mm - Anthracite

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Amalfi porcelain paving boasts a majestic appearance with its three lightly marbled colours, bringing the allure and hues of the Amalfi Coast to your garden and elevating its style and grandeur. Compared to other paving materials, this top-notch porcelain offers numerous advantages. It's exceptionally sturdy, retains its pristine appearance for a longer time, requires less maintenance, and is impervious to frost freeze/thaw erosion. With its anti-slip R11 rating, Amalfi porcelain paving is the ideal selection for households with children.

• The seasonal variations in weather will not affect the durability of Amalfi porcelain paving tiles, unlike some stone surfaces which deteriorate over time in freezing conditions.
• Amalfi porcelain paving tiles possess resistance to acid and alkali chemicals commonly found in fertilizers and lawn treatments, preventing the establishment of moss and algae that can occur on stone surfaces.
• Color fading will not be an issue with Amalfi porcelain paving tiles as they will maintain their original color for many years, with black remaining black and light colors staying true without turning grey or brown. Consequently, they will maintain their aesthetic appeal for a long time with only minimal cleaning maintenance needed.
• Tolerance: +/- 1mm
• Finish: Stone effect; Textured
• Slip Resistance: >R11
• Frost Resistant: Yes
• Water Absorption: <0.01%
• 42 paving tiles per pallet
• 1.85 paving tiles cover approximately 1.0m2
• 42 paving tiles (1 pallet) cover approximately 22.7m2 based on a 5mm jointing gap.
More Information
Type Porcelain Paving
Brand Pavestone
Length 900mm
Width 600mm
Thickness 20mm
Colour Dark Grey